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The best fiction AI writing tool.

FutureMe: Write a Letter to your Future Self


"Write. Pick a receiving date. Send." A fun little tool to review, reflect, and get a cool email from your past self!

Attract - Create Lead Magnets in Seconds


Free tool to generate 4 types of well designed lead magnets

Gamma - Write like a doc, Present like a deck


A super slick and easy way to design presentations in a word doc form. Had to add this because it was so pretty!



A community of creators that writer daily. Join if you want to establish a writing practice.

Write Invisible – write like no one is looking


Have fun and write without seeing your words. Great to get a first draft out without thinking too much.

Lose the Very

🖥️Website, 🛠️App

Can't find the adjective you're looking for? This generator gives you PUNCHY adjectives to use.

Dip Theory on Vimeo


Insanely useful framework to telling compelling stories, by Lisa Nichols.

Creator's trove


Resource rich database of more creator tools.

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